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Amazing clothing hacks to transform your looks Hello, 5-minute crafters! In this video, you will see many cool clothing hacks to upgrade your wardrobe. If you want to look taller, check out our shoe transforming hack. You will need a bunch of colorful playmats, which you will turn into a high platform for your boots!
TASTY CHEF RECIPES YOU’VE NEVER TRIED IN YOUR KITCHEN In this video, I show you how to get creative in the kitchen using these simple tricks and recipes that only chefs can think of. One is to make skittle-flavored popcorn by boiling the skittles in a non-stick pan with oil and then adding the popcorn
NEW EGG RECIPES Eggs are super ingredients that are used everywhere from breakfast to desserts! Yes, eggs are super popular over the world and you can prepare a lot of dishes from them in just minutes. Besides, eggs could be called a superfood as they contain a lot of nutrients that make eggs a super
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HOW TO BE KIND In such difficult times, it’s important to be kind to one another and try to help as much as we can. In this video, I show you some ideas that will make everyone’s day. We show you a clip from the time when we found a stray dog and showed it
20+ useful beauty hacks to make your beauty routine easier Hello, friends! Let’s take a look at these awesome beauty tricks and skincare hacks that will make you look flawless! First of all, we will show you a cool gadget that will help you dye your eyebrows. If you love playing with a 3D pen,
Everyday hacks to make your life easier Hey guys! In this video, you will find lots of random hacks and tips for your everyday life. If you’re a parent, you have probably faced this problem before. If you have messy kids, I guess they love parking their mini cars, bikes, and other vehicles right inside
HILARIOUS SCENES FROM REAL LIFE Everybody knows that life differs from movies and awkward moments follow us everywhere! We prepared a selection of scenes that shows the difference between expectation and reality. For example, we think that we look stunning in new leggings and crop top in a gym but in real life after 15